What are “omamori”?


Example of an “omamori.” This one is for good health.

You can usually get “omamori” at a Shinto shrine or at festivals where a Shinto priest is present. They are protective charms or amulets that people get for various purposes — e.g., for good health or safe driving, etc. — and either keep for themselves or give away to others. They also help support the shrine since they are either sold by the shrine or visitors are expected to make a donation for them. Pictured here is a close-up of an “omamori.” This is just one type of “omamori” — there are many others. They come in different colors and with different designs. Some people believe in the effectiveness of these charms; others buy them more as souvenirs.

What are some other types of “omamori”?

Overall Protection from Harm/Misfortune/Illness, Long Life, Good Relationship, Safe Driving, Business Success, Success in Studies, Safety When Traveling, Protection of Children, Protection for People in Critical Life Stages, Happiness, Protection When Giving Birth, Protection of Pets, Marathon, Sports, etc.

When all the different colored “omamori” are placed together, they can almost look like a work of art.

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